Commissioning Artwork

Example commissioned piece, Watercolor on Yupo Paper, 2013.  "Whispering Winds"

Hi There,

Glad you are interested in a commissioned piece! Before you go any further, do you like my work, my technique, my style? Does my price range work for you?  As with any artist, I only take commissions that fit within my style. I care just as much about liking the piece as you do and so I am picky in what I will take. Of course, don't let this intimidate you. If you have an idea that you aren't sure fits a project I will take on, just ask. 

I have a minimum of $1300 for a commissioned work which is around an 18x24" piece. I charge $3 a square inch for a commissioned work for both watercolors and oils. This includes everything from the first contact and idea generation to the finished painting ready to hang.  Everything is archival, I use all lightfast pigments and varnish and seal everything as an extra precaution. 

Once we have come up with a loose plan of the composition and I know what you want for your painting, 50% is due (including half of any tax and shipping).  The remainder will be due when you approve the painting.  

A commission takes about one month to three months depending on the size of the painting and what other projects I have ahead of yours.  When you commission a piece, I will give you a more specific deadline. 

So if all of this sounds good to you, please contact me about that commissioned work you'd love to have!

All the best,