Video Credits: Christian Lockerman. Thanks to Radiant Hall for putting this together.

Here is my process as far as I understand it:

I paint. I am often not struck by inspiration but am inspired by the process (and of course by artists both dead and alive!). I work on multiple (2-10) pieces at a time. This works so I can both let pieces dry between layers and save myself from overworking a piece. I need time away from a painting to gain fresh perspective on it. I used to think this "bouncing" as I call it was a bad thing. It meant I couldn't focus or stay engaged long enough. The thing is, when I am painting there is very little planning. A lot of reacting. A lot of frustration, smiles, chaos. A lot of feeling like a fraud in the middle ugly stages (and I hate artists who know where a painting is going, jealously hate them). I mostly just paint feeling like I don't have my shit together, I don't know where this painting is going or what I want out of it, but I am going to wrestle with this painting until I do. In my non-art life, I am super focused. I am the queen of to do lists and getting shit done. I still wish I could say, today, I am going to finish x painting. Well I do say that, but it so rarely happens. 

I also fall in love regularly with different colors. Right now I am in a "I love you blue" stage. Specifically cobalt blue overtop of a dried layer of pthalo blue. And then permanent rose. I really really cannot get enough of you. And then unbleached white, oh what would I do without you. 

Visit me at my studios and you'll always find my dog Pikey. She hangs out on her bed and occassionally she will get off her bed to say hi. She is more enthusiastic if the visitors have food. But she is a good distraction, and I think it would be hard to stay sane without her. 

Click below to see some images of the process.